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New Year’s Card (2020)

100 SA Points


Sonny Angel New Year’s Card (2020)

This New Year’s Card comes with a special wild boar Sonny Angel minifigure
as 2020 is the year of the Zodiac animal, the wild boar.

A must have item for Sonny Angel fans and collectors!


Available Only for Pre-Order.
※ Please note that shipping dates may change according to production schedules.

● Maximum order limit for this item: up to 2 pieces per person.
(* Please be aware that the orders of this item from duplicate accounts with duplicate names, address, phone numbers or IDs may be cancelled without prior notice.)

Up to 4 pieces of SA Point exchange items in total can be ordered at one time.
● SA Point exchange items cannot be ordered with other Sonny Angel Store items.
● Please be aware that SA Point exchange item orders cannot be cancelled/altered afterwards.
● It may take a few days to process orders depending on the number of orders we receive.
● Orders that are shipping outside the Continental US may take longer to be delivered.

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