SA Point Exchange Items

Can Badge Set

30 SA Points


Sonny Angel Can Badge Set

A 2 piece can badge set with embroidered Sonny Angel designs,
including the pink Sonny Angel Volkswagen bus! (This bus actually exists in real life)

Each badge is 50mm in size. Makes for a perfect accessory!

*Available while stocks last.


Only up to 2 pieces of the same item can be ordered at one time.
Up to 4 pieces of SA Point exchange items in total can be ordered at one time.
● SA Point exchange items cannot be ordered with other Sonny Angel Store items.
● Please be aware that SA Point exchange item orders cannot be cancelled/altered afterwards.
● It may take a few days to process orders depending on the number of orders we receive.
● Orders that are shipping outside the Continental US may take longer to be delivered.

  1. Can Badge Set

    Product Name: Can Badge Set

    SA Point: 30
    Item Code: SAS65276